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With this awareness the African Italian Forum has created a meeting space between Italian women and women of the African diaspora: 
• to help the ACTIVE PARTICIPATION of women in public life.
• to promote ASSOCIATION as leverage of change and integration.

We work with the aim of identifying EMPOWERMENT processes suitable for women with a migratory path and to strengthen the active NETWORK for emancipation and female protagonism in Europe and Africa.



2020 Edition

2020 Edition

14 November 2020 - Turin

2019 Edition

2019 Edition

25 October 2019 - Turin

2018 Edition

2018 Edition

25 October 2018 - Turin

News from the African Italian Women Forum

  • Women who are protagonists
  • Forum on line
  • African women and the pandemic
  • “Wanawake, sisters without borders
  • Women who are protagonists

    Women who are protagonists against gender violence 

    Saturday 20 March 2021 from 10:00hrs to 12:30hrs

     The month of March, is the month to take stock of the situation on our struggles and achievements. This aim is to achieve the goal of the meeting propose on Saturday 20 March 2021 where we will talk about the female protagonism in the context of gender violence in Africa and Italy. A comparison organized by the African Italian Women Forum in collaboration with Réseau des femmes d'Afrique francophone pour l'atteinte des objectifs de développement durable and Praticare Onlus.

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  • Forum on line

    African/Italian Women's Forum

    Saturday, November 14, 2020, 16:00hrs -18:30hrs
    Saturday, November 28, 2020, 17:00hrs -18:30hrs

    Economics and works, health and environment through the resilience and protagonism of African/Italian women at the time of the pandemic. These are the themes of the meeting which took place on Saturday 14 November, in the activities of the African Women’s Forum, to offer a variety and to identify pathways of change, starting with the needs and potential of women, the most affected by the economic and social difficulties of this period..

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  • African women and the pandemic

    Direct online “Wanawake-Sisters without borders”

    Friday 15 May 2020 |17:00 hrs
    Thursday 21 May 2020 |17:00 hrs

    To deepen the theme of the protagonism of women of the African diaspora, at the center of the video report “Wanawake-Sisters without borders”, a further look was proposed, in the light of the actual; COVID-19 emergency.
    The web direct are organized by the Gruppo Abele Onlus, in collaboration with the Collective African Women in Italy and the magazine “La via Libera”.

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  • “Wanawake, sisters without borders

    Video report: “Wanawake, sisters without borders"

    On 22 February 2020, during the evening organized by the Abele Group, in collaboration with the Collective African Women in Italy, the video report “Wanawake – Sisters without borders” was presented. The report reconstructed some experiences of the women of the African diaspora in Turin, looking at their desire to be involved in the life of the city that has received them. Since the 1990, Turin has been a laboratory of important intercultural experiences and has known this protagonism that is enriching, more recently with the experience of the African/Italian Forum. The evening continued with ethnic dishes dinner for the co-financing of the activities of the Collective.

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Our schedule


We work so that the economic and social autonomy of women could become the lever for change.


We create encounter and comparison spaces between women with or without migratory journeys, for a new vision of integration.


We tend the network between associations and informal groups of diaspora African women and active realities in Europe and in Africa.


We are a bridge between Europe and Africa in favour of better cooperation in development projects.

Against dicrimination

We commit ourselves to the recognition and the overcoming of discrimination which hinder gender equality and ethnic cultural integration.


We promote the active participation of women at all levels, particularly the women of the African diaspora who live in Italy.

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